Herbal First Aid    
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ISBN 978-0-692-31991-8 (9780692319918):

The Herbal Medic Book

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Written by a former Green Beret Medic with over 25 years experience using medicinal plants, this book is a fantastic reference for preppers, beginners and clinical herbalists alike and covers practical herbal medicine and field first aid from the kitchen all the way up to planning and facilitating a post-disaster, herbal clinic in your neighborhood or even in the middle of a remote area.

In addition to extensive details and pictures of over 50 highly potent medicinal herbs ("materia medica”) throughout the USA, you will also find within these 350 pages (20 chapters):
  • An introduction into herbal medicine, disease in the body and how herbs work.
  • A clear, concise introduction to herbal preparations (tinctures, salves, poultices, syrups, etc.).
  • Formula creation process introduction, as well as a list of useful formulas from first-hand clinical experience
  • A wide array of treatment formulas and protocols for a multitude of health issues.
  • Post-disaster or remote childbirth
  • “Street Medic” guide to helping others in post-disaster situations or protests
  • Post-disaster or remote childbirth
  • Dealing with venomous snakebites when there is no higher medical care available
  • Setting up a remote clinic and practical street first aid
  • Introduction into post-disaster alcohol distillation
  • Glossary of terms
  • Much more!

the herbal medic field guide    
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ISBN 978-1-62620-798-1 (9781626207981):

The Herbal Medic Field Guide

This is a pocket-sized book that is a condensed overview of some of the most critical herbal concepts to bear in mind in a post-disaster or remote environment.

Sam Coffman originally wrote this as a hand-book to accompany one of his short courses on post-disaster herbalism, but the demand for the book by itself grew very quickly and it is now available to anyone interested in a pocket reference for post-disaster herbalism.

The plants covered in this book are primarily found in southwest USA, but many can be found throughout other parts of the US.

The book includes
  • An overview of practical herbal medicine concepts that are important to understand for anyone using herbal medicine
  • 24 very useful medicinal plants plus charcoal and propolis
  • Specific formulas for a wide range of health concerns (using the herbs in the book)
  • Contraindications for all herbs
  • Basic first aid concepts & mnemonics

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The Herbal Medic Book - 350 page book (click here to read sample pages as well)
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Available for shipping within the US only

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